Weekend Backpack Food Program

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Weekend Packpack Food Program     

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This program is intended to discreetly provide nourishing, child-friendly, easy-to-prepare food to hungry elementary-aged school children in “every-day” backpacks to take home on the weekends. The list below shows some of the benefits children receive in addition to relieving their hunger:

  • Eases their anxieties
  • Reduces absenteeism
  • Improves attention span
  • Raises academic performance
  • Increases self esteem

Here’s how you can help!

 The Eureka-Pacific Elks are now accepting food and cash donations.  You can use the “Donate Now” button at the top of this page or  send a check payable to the Eureka-Pacific Elks with a note in the memo line that reads “Weekend Backpack Food Program”  (Eureka-Pacific Elks Lodge is an authorized 501c3).

At this time we ask that food donations be limited to items from the list below. Also, pop-top cans make things easier for the children and please be aware that no glass containers can be placed in backpacks.

Items Needed

Canned Soup                  Boxed Mac & Cheese         Oatmeal Cups/Packs

Canned Fruit                    Pop Tarts                             Cheese Crackers

Ramen Soup                    Granola Bars                       Peanut Butter Crackers

Canned Vegetables         Oatmeal Bars                      Fruit Snacks

Canned Meat                   Spaghetti Sauce                  Spaghetti Noodles

Peanut Butter                   Jelly